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Málaga-María Zambrano is the main railway station in the Spanish city of Malaga, named after the philosopher and essayist Maria Zambrano Alarcón. She has been described as one of Spain’s most famous female philosopher, but also a thinker who tried to merge philosophy, poetry and religion.

Because of its support for the Republican side during the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939), she went into exile after General Franco came to power. She lived in Cuba, Puerto Rico, Italy, France and Switzerland. After some forty years abroad, she returned to Spain in 1984 and settled in Madrid.

The train station is located in the heart of Malaga, 2 km from the Port of Malaga and 9 km from Málaga Airport.

With more than 4 million commuters Maria Zambrano is the second busiest railway station in the province of Andalucia after Sevilla-Santa Justa. Since the high speed train started to go from Malaga the number of passangers has doubled and has surpassed Cordoba Central station as the second most used terminal in the region.