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Nerja is a Spanish town in the province of Malaga. It is located in the eastern part of the Costa del Sol and has become a popular tourist destination.

Nerja is known for, among other things, the cave Cueva de Nerja, which is a very popular tourist attraction, and the Balcon de Europa.

The resort is located about 50 kilometers east of Malaga. It is about 100 km to the city of Granada (the Alhambra) and another 30 km from there up to the ski resort of Sierra Nevada (Pradollano).

Along the coast of Nerja are several nice beaches. There is opportunity for many water sports, including scuba diving. The Sierra Almijara gives hikers ample opportunity to more or less advanced excursions.

Nerja has a long history as evidenced by cave paintings were discovered in 1959 in Cueva de Nerja. These may be the oldest rock carvings in human history, with its 42,000 years.

Nerja has a mild climate all year round, the climate is like Southern California, making it grown subtropical fruits, for example, avocado and mango.

Home 9 Location 9 Nerja